While Australia's southernmost mainland city appears modest on the surface, tourists immediately discover that every element of Melbourne—cultural Australia's capital—is layered with passion, hard work, and history.

The city's Hoddle Grid developed from the Victorian era, a plan that generated the many laneways today famed for their street art, as well as alleyways that hide world-class restaurants, pubs, and stores.

Because of Melbourne's moderate environment, tourists may easily sightsee all year. Major athletic events (such as the Australian Open and the F1 Grand Prix) and festivals take place primarily between November and March. As the weather cools, most of the city's activity shifts indoors, but Melburnians adapt well, swapping out sun umbrellas for patio heaters at outdoor cafés and rooftop pubs. Melbourne weather is known for having "four seasons in one day," which should be considered while preparing for your vacation here.

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